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Xerjoff - 1861 Zefiro fragrance samples


Brand Xerjoff
Xerjoff - 1861 Zefiro perfume samples and decants. 100% genuine luxury niche fragrance samples in 1ml, 1.8ml glass vial or 5ml, 10ml travel spray. Hand decanted fragrances in high quality sample vial or glass sprayer. You will receive what you choose. Please choose the fragrance size from dropdown menu.

Xerjoff - 1861 Zefiro pays homage to Rome and its baroque alchemy, distilled in a strong and mysterious perfume thanks to its suggestive and elusive formula, akin to the rare magic of an esoteric potion. Zefiro propagates from arcane circles distilling a mystical essence capable to join heaven and earth." – signed by Xerjoff. The composition incorporates notes of resins with a hint of sweet and thick honey, balanced amber and spices added as strength of the formula. Bergamot, artemisia, mosto and elemi open the composition, followed by fine spices of cinnamon and cardamom sprinkled on iris petals. The base highlights incense surrounded by amber, precious woody notes and sweet, thick honey.