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Why you should buy perfume samples and decants?

There are so many wonderful fragrances in the world, all you have to do to know them and find the best ones for you. But that's not too easy. Well, helloScents helps you.

The most special niche fragrances you can only buy in the most prestigious perfumes shop  of the big cities, but not all of them. Not everyone gets to know the most special perfumes in the world. It may be that in the country where you are living  such niche scents are not available.  Though almost every scents are available in the internet stores if they are transported at all where you live, but you are unfamiliar with buying 200-300 dollars perfumes it is really  risky. What if I do not like it at all? Or if you like it, but not nice smell on your skin? You unnecessarily dumped the money on the window.. Before buying a whole bottle of perfume you should definitely try it yourself. We provide this opportunity to sell of samples and decants. Just you buy some milliliter from the relevant or choosed perfumes that you try them before you order a whole bottle.

At the moment, you can buy perfume at the helloScents site in four sizes. 1ml or 1.8ml fragrance sample that do not have a sprayer or if you need more quantity you can buy your desired fragrances in 5ml or 10ml spray glass.

Whichever size you choose can rest assured that during perfume utilisation you will be able to decide on how much the fragrance suits or fits you and how well your skin works. After that it is not risky to buy a whole bottle of it. But of course there are those who like to use a wide range of perfumes. They are especially desirable to buy decantes instead of many-dimensional glassy perfumes, which would probably not be used in such quantities.

What are you going to get in your package?

The amount you choose from perfumes that will be blown from the original bottles will be transferred to high-grade glass vials / 1ml or 1.8ml / or to the decant glasses / 5ml or 10ml/ which have a sprayer.
We would like to pay attention that you do not get the perfume in a factory’s glass as you can see on the product page but in the size you choose will arrive in one of the following bottles:

Our glasses:
1ml glass vial
1.8ml glass vial
5ml travel sprayer
10ml travel sprayer