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Sandalia - Ló fragrance samples


Brand Sandalia

Sandalia - Ló perfume samples and decants. 100% genuine luxury niche fragrance samples in 1ml, 1.8ml glass vial or 5ml, 10ml travel spray. Hand decanted fragrances in high quality sample vial or glass sprayer. You will receive what you choose. Please choose the fragrance size from dropdown menu.

Sandalia - Ló is dedicated to the more authentic, intense and mysterious Sardinia where green and musky notes revolve around another Sardinian treasure: saffron. It is portrayed by a symbol derived from the Sardinian button, at once both a jewel and an amulet, one of the emblems of the Sardinian people that describes how it deals with the universal struggle between good and evil. Its name stems from the LÒ nuraghe in the town of Sorgono, located right in the central part of Sardinia: the concentric circles of its symbol lead us precisely towards the centre, towards the gem.

TOP: Cinnamon Crust, Grapefruit, Saffron, Green Notes
HEART: Apple, Geranium
BASE: Labdanum, Buckskin, Musk, Patchouli