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Houbigant - Iris des Champs EdP fragrance samples


Brand Houbigant

Houbigant - Iris des Champs EdP perfume samples and decants. 100% genuine luxury niche fragrance samples in 1ml, 1.8ml glass vial or 5ml, 10ml travel spray. Hand decanted fragrances in high quality sample vial or glass sprayer. You will receive what you choose. Please choose the fragrance size from dropdown menu.

Houbigant - Iris des Champs EdP
The exquisite, incomparable iris has been immortalized by mythological poets and philosophers such as Pliny, Plutarch, Virgil and Juno. In France, from the fourteenth-century onward, the noble flower was flown on banners of French heraldry and royal arms as the stylized, gilded fleur-de-lis.

In its native haunts, the sun-worshipping, slender iris blossoms its regal, well-tailored mantles in spring and summer meadows on tall, well-branched stems. Despite its richly-variegated petals – ranging from snow white to pitch black with glowing casts and lusters – its alluring fragrance is cultivated from the aromatic rhizome, the subterranean stem latticed with shoots and orris-roots, which contains the redolent Irone, a uniquely-fragrant and rich molecule that constitutes its precious notes.

The classic, crystal flacon is a reinterpretation of the original bottle from the early twentieth-century that had been designed and manufactured by Baccarat for the House of Houbigant on the occasion of the Parfum Idéal at the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1900. The blue and gold box alludes to verdant meadows robed in blossoming iris.