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Atelier Cologne - Encens Jinhae fragrance samples


Encens Jinhae. Not as rosy, leans more feminine than masculine, but unisex. Woods and incense are main line because Encens Jinhae reminds us a Man’s cologne until a short time.
Rose, patchouli, incense, pepper and sandalwood such as Indian authentic praying sanctuary. Half-light, meditative environment, low mantra music people are sitting in the floor and some sandalwood’s incense burning. Smell of oriental incense is far away. Calming scent for everybody who is like the power of moments. Sat nam!

Scent family: Oriental
Top Notes:
 Precious cherry blossom petals with sophisticated spicy notes of pink pepper and nutmeg.
Heart Notes:
 Incense, patchouli, sandalwood and elemi.
Base Notes:
Sicilian lemon and floral warmth from Turkish rose.

Curiosity: Collection Orient

Atelier Cologne - Encens Jinhae perfume samples and decants.
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