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A Lab on Fire - Rose Rebelle Respawn fragrance samples


Rose Rebelle Respawn opens with a cool note of mint and ivy, freshness and an element of surprise, followed by a fruity, brightning rose and lots of peppery carnation. Incense and cacao in the dry down add warmth and keep the musks from taking over. The overall effect is light and gauzy. Respawn stays very close to the skin and has moderate longevity. Still, it is charming, and if you want rose without having to commit to its pungency, Rose Rebelle Respawn is your own’s choice.

Scent family: Oriental Floral
Ingredients: Ivy and mint, carnation and rose, musk, incense and cacao.

A Lab on Fire - Rose Rebelle Respawn perfume samples and decants.
100% genuine luxury niche fragrance samples in 1ml, 1.8ml glass vial or 5ml, 10ml travel spray. Hand decanted fragrances in high quality sample vial or glass sprayer. You will receive what you choose. Please choose the fragrance size from dropdown menu.